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Clark, Gilbert gc355804 at ohio.edu
Thu Oct 16 09:21:24 PDT 2014

+1 that core plugins be built / distributed with bro.

Re: package / plugin management, coming from a Java EE background, one of the things I don't like about some of the OSGi software (read: highly modular, plugin-driven) I've worked with is how confusing it can get to track versions of each specific bundle / plugin to know how / when to update them.  Binding a specific set of core plugin versions to application releases mitigates some of that complexity in my experience.  In other words, I'd be a bit hesitant to agree that bro should individually package *core* plugins and offer them independently through a repo, just because it will probably require a great deal of care to update those (since there could be e.g. side effects / dependencies that aren't immediately obvious).

An external repository / package manager seems like a good fit for non-core plugins, though.


On Oct 16, 2014 11:41 AM, anthony kasza <anthony.kasza at gmail.com> wrote:

I think having some plugins distributed and built with Bro is reasonable, too. As long as functionality and interfaces don't change current users shouldn't notice a difference.
How eventually moving the plugin to a package manager will affect users is something else to consider.


On Oct 16, 2014 6:21 AM, "Slagell, Adam J" <slagell at illinois.edu<mailto:slagell at illinois.edu>> wrote:
I think that is reasonable for some things.

On Oct 16, 2014, at 8:02 AM, Robin Sommer robin at icir.org<mailto:robin at icir.org> wrote:

> (unless we decide to
> build (some) plugins by default, which currently isn't happening).


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