[Bro-Dev] Help Troubleshooting a Perftools Memleak

Vlad Grigorescu vlad at grigorescu.org
Wed Oct 29 13:48:02 PDT 2014

The MySQL analyzer is ready to go, apart from one issue: a memleak btest
that I wrote is failing on some of Bro's regex code.

bro bro -b -m -r $TRACES/mysql/mysql.trace %INPUT
> @load base/protocols/mysql

This results in:

>  Leak check net_run detected leaks of 203 bytes in 4 objects
>   The 4 largest leaks:
>   Leak of 72 bytes in 1 objects allocated from:
>   @ 53e92d
>   Leak of 56 bytes in 1 objects allocated from:
>   @ 52fb66
>   @ 83f663
>   Leak of 56 bytes in 1 objects allocated from:
>   @ 52fd52
>   @ 20014
>   Leak of 19 bytes in 1 objects allocated from:
>   @ 53e9b6

Digging a little deeper shows that two of these leaks are in RE_parse
(re-parse.y:110 and re-parse.y:133), one is in re__scan_buffer
(re-scan.cc:2035), and one is in re__scan_bytes (re-scan.cc::2084).

The only regular expression that I have in the analyzer is: type NUL_String
= RE/[^\0]*/;

I'm pretty sure that this isn't really an issue, but can anyone help with
figuring out how to get the btest to pass? I'd really like to have a
memleak test for this.


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