[Bro-Dev] Making cross compile easier

Cody codyit at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 04:38:53 PDT 2015


Would you guys consider making cross compile easier on your roadmap?

The platform I tried to have it running was OpenWRT, which has its own
problems such as the libresolv is a stub in the most popular C library
choice uClibc, that is causing some troubles. What I mean is, even
without these problems, any cross compile would fail because of of the
use of bicfl.

Apparently somebody had gone through the painful process 10 years ago:

This fella has created a set of patches of CMake files for 2.3.1-2:

Which is hosted on this github page:

The build he created would fail because old versions are not being
hosted on your site, but more importantly the patches are obsolete as
of 2.4. Those patches are not huge, it would be great if you guys
would consider making it easier.


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