[Bro-Dev] Multiple logs in one SQLite database

Jakub S. Paulovic j.paulovic at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 14:03:45 PST 2015


I am trying to setup Bro to log all the events to a SQLite database. In my
local.bro file, I have added an event bro_init() with filters specifying
the writer to be WRITER_SQLITE like this:

       local filter_conn: Log::Filter =
                $config=table(["tablename"] = "conn"),

        Log::add_filter(Conn::LOG, filter_conn);

        local filter_notice: Log::Filter =
                $config=table(["tablename"] = "notice"),

        Log::add_filter(Notice::LOG, filter_notice);

... + other filters for http, dhcp and weird set accordingly.

I want the logs to be written to separate tables in one SQLite database.
However, when I run bro with this configuration, I almost immediately get
SQLite errors:
error: /root/bakalarka/capture/bro/sql/log/Log::WRITER_SQLITE: SQLite call
failed: database is locked
error: /root/bakalarka/capture/bro/sql/log/Log::WRITER_SQLITE: terminating

After that, nothing else is written to affected table. Please can You
suggest me what should I do to achieve logging to one database with
multiple tables?

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