[Bro-Dev] Greetings and Where To Start

Breanna Devore-McDonald Breanna.S.Devore-McDonald.1 at nd.edu
Tue Sep 8 00:07:24 PDT 2015


My name is Breanna and I am a junior Computer Science/ Cyber Security
undergrad at the University of Notre Dame. I am currently in a Data
Structures course which requires me to find an interesting open-source
project to *hopefully* contribute to, using the knowledge I should gain
throughout the semester in optimizing code using data structures. I am very
interested in the Bro project and would love to find a way to contribute,
however, I have no idea where to start. Do you think there's any place in
the Bro code where I could help? (Or maybe, if it seems Bro is not the
right fit for me, do you know of any projects that could fit?)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Breanna DeVore-McDonald
University of Notre Dame '17
Computer Science
bdevorem at nd.edu
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