[Bro-Dev] Advice on the PE Analyzer

Vlad Grigorescu vlad at grigorescu.org
Mon Sep 21 08:56:42 PDT 2015

For Bro 2.5, I'd like to add some more functionality to the Windows
Portable Executable analyzer. I think there's a lot of valuable data that
could be extracted, but the format is rather challenging to work with. Some
protocol pseudocode would be:

> 0000: import_address_table is at 0010
> 0010: entry #1 is at 0030
> 0020: entry #2 is at 0050
> 0030: entry #1 address is at 0100
> 0040: entry #1 name is at 0110
> 0050: entry #2 address is at 0140
> 0060: entry #2 name is at 0120

Much of the data is simply pointers to offsets in the file where the actual
data resides. My thought for parsing this is to write two helper functions
in C++:

> jump_to_next_interesting_offset()
> // Skips to the offset of the next thing I would like to parse

> get_data_context_at_current_offset()
> // Get contextual information for how to parse the current data
> // (e.g. this is the the address of entry #1 in the import address table).

Does anyone have suggestions for what data structures I should use to store
the necessary data? Storing the offsets shouldn't be very difficult, but
each offset will need context associated with it in order to know how to
parse it once the analyzer gets there, and how to associate the data
residing there with data that's already been parsed.


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