[Bro-Dev] Advice on the PE Analyzer

Johanna Amann johanna at icir.org
Tue Sep 22 13:25:04 PDT 2015

On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 10:56:42AM -0500, Vlad Grigorescu wrote:
> For Bro 2.5, I'd like to add some more functionality to the Windows
> Portable Executable analyzer. I think there's a lot of valuable data that
> could be extracted, but the format is rather challenging to work with. Some
> protocol pseudocode would be:
> > 0000: import_address_table is at 0010
> > 0010: entry #1 is at 0030
> > 0020: entry #2 is at 0050
> > 0030: entry #1 address is at 0100
> > 0040: entry #1 name is at 0110
> > 0050: entry #2 address is at 0140
> > 0060: entry #2 name is at 0120
> Much of the data is simply pointers to offsets in the file where the actual
> data resides. My thought for parsing this is to write two helper functions
> in C++:
> > jump_to_next_interesting_offset()
> > // Skips to the offset of the next thing I would like to parse
> > get_data_context_at_current_offset()
> > // Get contextual information for how to parse the current data
> > // (e.g. this is the the address of entry #1 in the import address table).

I think this generally sounds like a sound approach. One thing that might
help with this, if you are not already aware of this - it is a tad tricky
to get binpac to use your file analyzer subclass of PE, instead of the
base BroFileAnalyzer class - the SSL analyzer shows and example on how to
get binpac to do this.

> Does anyone have suggestions for what data structures I should use to store
> the necessary data? Storing the offsets shouldn't be very difficult, but
> each offset will need context associated with it in order to know how to
> parse it once the analyzer gets there, and how to associate the data
> residing there with data that's already been parsed.

This might be a tad naive - but would a std::priorityqueue containing a
class, that has the offset (which is used for sorting) as well as all the
contextual information that you have to store make sense?

Generally - I think it would be really cool to have this feature in Bro :)


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