[Bro-Dev] bro-pkg v0.3

Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Mon Aug 15 08:20:21 PDT 2016

On Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 23:54 +0000, you wrote:

> http://bro-package-manager.readthedocs.io/

Nice! I like the Quickstart guide, that works now. The How-Tos are
great, too. One suggestion for "Create a Package": I believe the text
doesn't really say anywhere yet explicitly that a plugin can contain
these three different things. Maybe add paragraph summarizing what
"package" actually means at the beginning?

> * A package submission process is found in the README of https://github.com/bro/packages

That sounds all good to me. One nit: In (2): the "this" before
repository is ambiguous because (1) talks about a different one.

Looks like this the location where we can also require a couple more
pieces of meta data. I still vote for keeping this minimal, but I
suggest we require at least an email contact and a license statement
before accepting a pull request. I'm torn on requiring a version
number as well: I would like too, but we can't enforce that people
update it as they make changes; and it would just be useless if people
don't. So probably better to skip.

Once this is finalized, do you plan to add a pointer back here from
the BPM docs?

> What are thoughts on making this the standard installation process for
> bro-pkg instead of bundling it into the Bro distribution?  Benefits:

Yeah, I agree, that makes sense. pip is the standard way to install
Python stuff and really straight-forward.

> E.g. if there were `bro —config site_dir` and `bro —config plugin_dir`

Good thought, though why not keep it out of Bro: we can add a script
"bro-config" to Bro that cmake populates with the right data. That
would actually be helpful for other stuff as well. That's something we
could still add for 2.5, too.


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