[Bro-Dev] package manager progress

Matthias Vallentin vallentin at icir.org
Thu Jul 28 07:40:13 PDT 2016

> - Would suggest to rename “pkg.meta” to, say, “bro-pkg.meta”, just to
>   make it more explicit that it's a Bro package. That's something one
>   can also then search for on GitHub.

Just throwing in two more permutations: bro.meta or bro.pkg.

> - For our default package source, do we want to support non-GitHub
>   repositories? If so, a naming scheme by GitHub user won't work.
> - Suggest to rename "/opt/bro/var/lib/package-manager" to
>   "../bro-package-manager" or "../bro-pkg".

Yeah, especially if users don't install into the /opt/bro prefix, not
having "bro" as part of the filename might be confusing.

> For now, I think it's fine to just do your own Sphinx and publish it
> wherever (GitHub, RTM). 

In case you're going with github, here's something non-intuitive that
took me a while to figure out: you need to put an (empty) file .nojekyll
in the document root, otherwise github interprets directories starting
with underscores, which sphinx uses (e.g., _static and _images).

> Given how far you are already, I vote for making it part of 2.5. 



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