[Bro-Dev] package manager progress

Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Thu Jul 28 13:37:50 PDT 2016

On Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 17:52 +0000, you wrote:

> I think still allowing package sources to be structured in a directory
> hierarchy is more intuitive to navigate and maybe less intimidating to
> modify than a single file as the source grows over time.  And I’m
> already using INI format in 2 other places, so seems fine to apply
> here, too.

Yep, agree with both. That also makes merging pull requests easy /

>  So a proposed structure of a package source:

Looks good to me.

> the CMake summary output.  Let me know which is preferred.  I’m a bit
> in favor of auto-installing the python dependencies into Bro’s install
> prefix.

I also prefer auto-installation, unless there's a reasonable risk that
it could interfere with already installed versions of those packets,
not sure?

> The hierarchy isn’t strictly required to use GitHub usernames. 
> Generally could be "$author_name/$package_name”, where the most common
> case is for $author to be a GitHub user name.  A domain name,
> company/organization name, or any string to help identify the author
> would work.

Ok, we probably need to write down our policy somewhere what we
do/expect for the default source.

> Agree about changing “package-manager” to “bro-package-manager”, but
> do you also mean to get rid of the “lib” subdir?

No, I didn't, sorry for the confusion. I was just too lazy to type the
full path again, should have inserted 3 dots to make that clear. 

> Tried to do this in the Overview/README’s “Installation” section.  I
> think reorganizing that in smaller sections with bullet points to
> follow and re-labeling it as “quick-start guide” may help.



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