[Bro-Dev] CBAN naming

Slagell, Adam J slagell at illinois.edu
Sun Jun 5 09:51:07 PDT 2016

> On Jun 5, 2016, at 10:55 AM, Robin Sommer <robin at icir.org> wrote:
>> To me, the important part of a the definition of a plugin for most
>> software is that it is an externally contributed, self/contained
>> add-on which extends functionality.
> Agree in principle, but "extending functionality" with a plugin is
> different that just writing a new Bro script. A "plugin" typically
> plugs into a set of hooks that a software provides to extend things it
> doesn't provide out of the box; once loaded, that new functionality
> then becomes a core feature just as if it had been built in in the
> first place. I don't see, e.g., writing a script-level detector for
> new vulnerability XYZ like that. If a wrote new Python module
> implementing, say, BASE65 encoding, I wouldn't be adding a "plugin" to
> Python either.

I think we are working from two different mental models. You are thinking of Bro mostly from the programming language perspective and analogies with Python. I am thinking of it as a tool or piece of software. It’s both, but I am not bothered by incongruencies to Python. 

Regardless, it seems that you and Jon have irreconcilable differences that eliminate plugin or package. And as the PI and implementer, I give high weight to both of your opinions. Would either of you object to extensions?

So while I *really* hate to do this, I will throw out bro-bee and Bro Extensions for Everyone.


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