[Bro-Dev] 2.5 Roadmap

Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Fri May 6 17:56:24 PDT 2016

To summarize a team discussion today, we decided that we'll start
wrapping up development for Bro 2.5.

There's a lot of new functionality in git master now, and it will be
good to get that all into general use. The main piece missing from our
original 2.5 roadmap is porting the Bro Cluster to Broker. While much
of that work is in place already in a development branch, we are going
to postpone integration for now and will instead merge it at the
beginning of the upcoming 2.6 development cycle. That way we will have
more time for testing stability and performance of that new cluster

For 2.5, we're still targetting a few more pieces that aren't yet in
master, including:

     - Fixing the flare code to improve performance.
     - New SMB and NTP analyzers.
     - A simpler Broker API.

Furthermore, if there are any tickets pending that you'd like Bro 2.5
to address, now would be a good time to point them out.


Robin Sommer * ICSI/LBNL * robin at icir.org * www.icir.org/robin

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