[Bro-Dev] Bro Debug Mode :: Assert Failed in HTTP.cc Line 156

Fernandez, Mark I mfernandez at mitre.org
Tue Nov 1 06:44:43 PDT 2016

Bro Dev Team,

While trying to translate the ICAP Analyzer into a Bro Plugin, I discovered that my ICAP Analyzer fails an assertion in HTTP.cc Line 156.  I discovered it only recently because last week I compiled Bro in debug mode for the first time in order to troubleshoot the Plugin.  (Fact: I never compiled Bro in debug mode when originally developing the ICAP Analyzer last year, didn't need to do so at the time.)

Shown below is a sample of the code trace, starting in the ICAP Analyzer and transiting into the HTTP Analyzer.

Source File: icap-analyzer-http.pac
Multiple calls to HTTP_Analyzer::DeliverStream()

Source File: HTTP.cc
Line 875,   void HTTP_Analyzer::DeliverStream(int len, const u_char* data, bool is_orig))
Line 1018,  case EXPECT_REPLY_MESSAGE:
Line 1019,  reply_message->Deliver(len, line, 1);

Line 78,    void HTTP_Entity::Deliver(int len, const char* data, int trailing_CRLF)
Line 133,   case EXPECT_CHUNK_DATA:
Line 134,   ASSERT(! trailing_CRLF);

As you can see, Line 1019 passes '1' as the value for trailing_CRLF and then Line 134 complains if the value is '1', causing Bro to abort.

When compiled in release mode, this failed assert does not affect operations.  The ICAP Analyzer is able to inject the ICAP payload into the HTTP Analyzer, and it functions as expected.  However, in debug mode, the failed assert cause Bro to abort.  I thought this was unusual, and I wanted to report it.


Mark I. Fernandez
MITRE Corporation

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