[Bro-Dev] early performance comparisons of CAF-based run loop

Slagell, Adam J slagell at illinois.edu
Thu Apr 13 09:29:37 PDT 2017

That might be useful. I would like Robin’s thoughts, too.

On Apr 12, 2017, at 9:05 PM, Siwek, Jon <jsiwek at illinois.edu<mailto:jsiwek at illinois.edu>> wrote:

In the near-term, I can make a totally separate code branch that simply replaces select() with epoll.  Then, if Justin were to test it and find it alleviates performance pains on the manager, it could potentially get merged into bro/master ahead of the any of the pending broker/caf/runloop projects since it should be a trivial and safe change to do.  Let me know.


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