[Bro-Dev] [Proposal] Language extensions for better Broker support

Matthias Vallentin vallentin at icir.org
Tue Jan 3 10:32:04 PST 2017

> Yeah, I agree, don't like that version anymore either. 

Ok, good. :-)

>     case type count as c:
>         ....
> What do you think of that? The additional "type" makes it visually
> clear what's it's about, and also helps the parser figure it out.

I find that there's too much going on in a single line now. With the
extra "type" keyword, my mind gets stuck figuring out precedence rules.

What I haven't considered until now is that in the current proposal,
"as" can occur in two forms:

    local x = async Broker::lookup(..);
    local c = x as count;


    case type count as c:

It would be great if LHS and RHS are consistent, ideally LHS always an
identifier and RHS a type, which reads most naturally. For "switch" that
would imply:

    case c as count:

Is that any easier for the parser?


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