[Bro-Dev] Performance Enhancements

Jim Mellander jmellander at lbl.gov
Thu Oct 5 12:45:21 PDT 2017

Hi all:

One item of particular interest to me from Brocon was this tidbit from
Packetsled's lightning talk:

"Optimizing core loops (like net_run() ) with preprocessor branch
prediction macros likely() and unlikely() for ~3% speedup. We optimize for
maximum load."

After conversing with Leo Linsky of Packetsled, I wanted to initiate a
conversation about easy performance improvements that may be within fairly
easy reach:

1. Obviously, branch prediction, as mentioned above.  3% speedup for
(almost) free is nothing to sneeze at.

2. Profiling bro to identify other hot spots that could benefit from

3. Best practices for compiling Bro (compiler options, etc.)

4. Data structure revisit (hash functions, perhaps?)


Perhaps the Bro core team is working on some, all, or a lot more in this
area.  It might be nice to get the Bro community involved too.  Is anyone
else interested?

Jim Mellander

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