[Bro-Dev] ASCII response filetype

Keith Lehigh klehigh at iu.edu
Mon Sep 18 13:43:00 PDT 2017

Hi Folks,
     I’ve been mulling over an addition to the file mime type 
signature that consists of “1 to 16 ASCII readable characters”.  16 
is an arbitrary length cutoff.  The purpose of this signature would be 
to log instances where a short status code is returned by a web service. 
  I see lots of responses like “[]” or “OK” or “Success” and 
currently these are logged in files.log as unknown file types.  I think 
Bro would be improved by logging a filetype for these responses.
     Using the entire set of readable ASCII characters would make this 
flexible enough to handle various responses w/o trying to enumerate all 
possibilities.  A downside would be differentiating a short text file.  
I don’t have much of a solution for that problem at this point, but 
I’d be open to suggestions.  I’m sure there are other downsides 
I’m not seeing.  Thoughts?

- Keith
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