[Bro-Dev] Configuration framework syntax proposal

Siwek, Jon jsiwek at illinois.edu
Thu Sep 21 07:57:31 PDT 2017

> I'm not sure how exposing something like "input.pcap.filter" is any different from exposing something like "Pcap::filter" from that standpoint.  Maybe there's a larger discussion here around what the user experience should look like?  I feel like two different things are being talked about now.

I’m thinking on the same lines.

> Directly using variable names in UI elements is not unheard of though, a lot of UI frameworks will do things like present a variable like user_name as "User Name" in the UI.  This is usually a simple text transform like
>>>> s='My_Program::user_name'
>>>> s.replace("::", " - ").replace("_", " ").title()
>    'My Program - User Name’

Yeah, I’ve noticed this approach in other UIs as well.

- Jon

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