[Bro-Dev] input-framework reporter_error vs reporter_warning events ?

Aashish Sharma asharma at lbl.gov
Fri Apr 20 14:09:13 PDT 2018

While testing other stuff, I realized that if input-framework cannot find a file
its now generating reporter_warning event instead of reporter_error ? 

Did "error" changed to "warning" for some reason ? Wasn't previously this a
error condition ? 

0.000000        Reporter::WARNING       /DATA/feeds/BRO-feeds/WIRED.blocknet.2/Input::READER_ASCII: Init: cannot open /DATA/feeds/BRO-feeds/WIRED.blocknet.2    (empty)

1) Also in what situations input-framework would generate WARNINGS vs ERRORS ?

2) Does warnings means READER_ASCII will try to read file again after some time
or does it just gives up and waits for me to tap into reporter_warning event to
handle the situation ?


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