[Bro-Dev] Final Broker branch testing

Jon Siwek jsiwek at corelight.com
Thu Apr 26 08:16:41 PDT 2018

The latest version of the new Broker-ized cluster/communication system 
for Bro in 'topic/actor-system' branch is wrapping up and, in my 
opinion, ready to be merged into Bro's 'master' branch.

However, since it's such a big change, I'd like a last round of feedback 
before merging.  If you want to test, the build process should now be as 
simple as:

$ git clone --recursive --branch=topic/actor-system git://git.bro.org/bro
$ cd bro && ./configure && make

Configuring BroControl is not any different from before.

If you had custom scripts, they may require porting.  There's a guide 
and examples for that at [1] and [2] (hyperlinks in those docs will 
render more nicely when it's up on bro.org).

Though, for this round of testing, I'd be most interested just in any 
general stability issues or major feature breakages from a vanilla Bro 
installation.  Mild performance issues, minor bugs, or other issues w/ 
porting custom scripts are things I think we can iron out even after 
merging into 'master'.

- Jon

[2] https://github.com/bro/bro/tree/topic/actor-system/doc/frameworks/broker

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