[Bro-Dev] Final Broker branch testing

Jon Siwek jsiwek at corelight.com
Thu Apr 26 14:05:23 PDT 2018

On 4/26/18 2:04 PM, Johanna Amann wrote:

> With this change, we Bro cannot be compiled out of the Box on 
> RedHat/Centos 7 anymore. Since that is the latest release of RedHat and 
> probably used in production by quite a few people a potentially 
> significant amount of people might not be able to (easily) compile Bro 
> with this merge.
> It aborts in configure, with:
> -- Performing Test cxx11_header_works - Success
> CMake Error at aux/broker/CMakeLists.txt:4 (cmake_minimum_required):
>    CMake 3.0.2 or higher is required.  You are running version

Is "use cmake3 from EPEL" an acceptable answer?

The main reason for it (IIRC) is for embedding CAF as a CMake 
ExternalProject, which I was struggling to hack around with lack of 
features in CMake 2.8.

> Compiling on Debian 8 gives some CAF warnings that are a tad ugly:

It's CAF's master branch at the moment, so I don't feel much pressure to 
report/patch these unless they're still there when we're close to moving 
to beta/release version.

> I noticed one small thing while building with make -j4; in this case you 
> get several different % numbers simultaneously (one for car and one for 
> broker).

Not sure I can help that.  The thing that comes to mind would be 
enforcing that CAF does not build in parallel and thus wasting your 
time.  Or else try to patch CMake to do a better job when using external 

> There were a few test failures on the first run (that succeeded on a 
> rerun) though.

Thanks, I also still see occasional failures that pass when re-running 
-- it's lower priority on my list to stabilize these.  And I think 
doesn't prevent merging to master since they are most often problems 
with the unit test itself.

> There were also a couple that did not succeed after several reruns for 
> me. This was on a digital ocean 4cpu optimized debian8 instance for me; 
> the reruns were not parallel:

Ok, will take a closer look at those.

I should also mention that I've run unit tests myself on the following:

* MacOS 10.13.4
* FreeBSD 11
* CentOS 7
* Debian 8

I find the tests are usually stable with a few needing some reruns.  I 
haven't had any single test persistently fail on any of those systems.

I was also testing --build-type=debug everywhere and only a few places 
without, so that could be a difference.

- Jon

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