[Bro-Dev] Final Broker branch testing

Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Fri Apr 27 08:55:51 PDT 2018

On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 16:54 -0500, you wrote:

> (1) Users whose OS has insufficient CMake will need to compile/obtain a  newer one.

> (2) We go back to CMake 2.8.12 and have people compile CAF themselves. 
> (Or maybe we could conditionally require only 2.8.12 users to compile 
> CAF and others get the embedded CAF).
> (3) I need to try to hack our CMake system more to try to get back down 
> to 2.8.12 while still being able to embed CAF.

If there's something quick that ends up making (3) work, that'd be
ideal of course, but I don't think it's worth spending much time on,
given that there are reasonable ways to get a more recent cmake.

I wouldn't want to go back to not shipping CAF at all, but if we can
tell cmake that 2.8.12 is fine if users build CAF themselves, that
would be the 2nd best option I think. (1) ist worst case, which still
isn't too bad IMO, unless it does actually prevent us from building
binary packages for RH, that would be a problem.


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