[Bro-Dev] Broker::publish API

Robin Sommer robin at corelight.com
Thu Aug 9 11:29:38 PDT 2018

Yeah, and let me add one thing: What if as a starting point for
modeling things, we assumed that we have global topic-based routing
available. Meaning if node A publishes to topic X, the message will
show up at all nodes that are subscribed to topic X anywhere, no
matter what the topology --- Broker will somehow take care of that. I
believe that's where we want to get eventually, through whatever
mechanism; it's not trivial, but also not rocket science.

Then we (A) design the API from that perspective and adapt our
standard scripts accoordingly, and (B) see how we can get an
approximation of that assumption for today's Broker and our simple
clusters, by having the cluster framework hardcode what need.

> (1) enable the "explicit/manual" forwarding by default?

Coming from that assumption above, I'd say yes here, doing it like you
suggest: differentiate between forwarding and locally raising an event
by topic. Maybe instead of adding it to Broker::subscribe() as a
boolean, we add a separate "Broker::forward(topic_prefix)" function,
and use that to essentially hardcode forwarding on each node just like
we want/need for the cluster. Behind the scenes Broker could still
just store the information as a boolean, but API-wise it means we can
later (once we have real routing) just rip out the forward() calls and
let Magic take its role. :)

As you say, we don't get load-balancing that way (today), but we still
have pools for distributing analyses (like the known-* scripts do).
And if distributing message load (like the Intel scripts do) is
necessary, I think pools can solve that as well: we could use a RR
proxy pool and funnel it through script-land there: send to one proxy
and have an event handler there that triggers a new event to publish
it back out to the workers. For proxies, that kind of additional load
should be fine (if load-balancing is even necessary at all; just going
through a single forwarding node might just as well be fine.

> (2) re-implement any existing subscription cycles?

Now, here I'm starting to change my mind a bit. Maybe in the end, in
large topologies, it would be futile to insist on not having cycles
after all. The assumption above doesn't care about it, putting Broker
in charge of figuring it out. So with that, if we can set up
forwarding through (1) in a way that cycles in subscriptions don't
matter, it may be fine to just leave them in. But I guess in the end
it doesn't matter, removing them can only make things better/easier.

> Also maybe begs the question for later regarding the "real" routing
> mechanism: I suppose that would need to be smart enough to do
> automatic load-balancing in the case of there being more than one
> route to a subscriber.

Yeah, I'm becoming more and more convinced that in the end we won't
get around adding a "real" routing layer that takes of such things
under the hood.


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