[Bro-Dev] Building bro 2.6 with static broker/caf libraries

Craig Leres leres at ee.lbl.gov
Wed Dec 5 19:03:06 PST 2018

I've read up on cmake variable scope but I can't figure out how to build 
bro with static libraries. The bro-bundled caf already has 
CAF_BUILD_STATIC_ONLY which I'm pretty sure works but I'm unable to turn 
it on when building caf as part of a bro build.

For example I'd like is to optionally (i.e. from a -D argument to cmake 
itself) be able to turn on CAF_BUILD_STATIC_ONLY for 
aux/broker/3rdparty/caf/CMakeLists.txt but nothing I've tried in the top 
level CMakeLists.txt is seen when the caf CMakeLists.txt is being evaluated.

(I'm working on updating the FreeBSD port to 2.6 and can't install 
things like libcaf_io.so in /usr/local/lib because they conflict with 
libraries potentially installed by the devel/caf port.)


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