[Bro-Dev] Bro DCE-RPC Fix for AlterContext and AlterContextResponse Parsers

Fernandez, Mark I mfernandez at mitre.org
Thu Feb 8 04:16:02 PST 2018

Hi Seth,

Yes, I have a pcap containing the ALTER_CONTEXT req/resp packets.  I will start working on the bug fix and submit to BIT, with pcap and test script, hopefully soon.


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On 2 Feb 2018, at 9:54, Fernandez, Mark I wrote:

> 5. Bro Issue Tracker
> I plan to submit this to Bro Issue Tracker.  Just wanted to give you a 
> heads up here.

Thanks Mark!  Those were probably my comments.  Unfortunately there were 
a number of areas where I just ran out of steam doing investigations 
into why things were happening the way they were so this investigation 
is deeply appreciated.

Do you have PCAPs with ALTER_CONTEXT messages in them?  Because this is 
difficult-to-understand change without seeing actual traffic it would be 
best if you were able to submit the changes along with tests.


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