[Bro-Dev] Shipping CAF with Broker?

Azoff, Justin S jazoff at illinois.edu
Tue Feb 13 08:45:31 PST 2018

> On Feb 13, 2018, at 11:36 AM, Seth Hall <seth at corelight.com> wrote:
> On 13 Feb 2018, at 11:31, Robin Sommer wrote:
>> We could even go a step further and compile CAF statically into
>> libbroker, so that in the end from a user's perspective all they deal
>> with is Broker: if they link against it, they get everything they
>> need.
>> Would that make sense?
> I think we're quite a ways off from CAF being generally packaged with 
> most operating systems (especially having the correct version to work 
> with broker).  I think that including it with broker and building libcaf 
> into libbroker statically makes sense too.  I've been concerned about 
> the difficulty of building Bro from source too.
>   .Seth

This will also make

    pip install pybroker

feasible, which would be a huge usability improvement for integrating external systems with bro.

Justin Azoff

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