[Bro-Dev] $history extensions - zero windows, logarithmic counts

Johanna Amann johanna at icir.org
Fri Jun 15 11:42:54 PDT 2018

I think I like these, the only small concern I have is...

> (2) A notion of "logarithmic counts" for history events: for certain
>     events ('C' = checksum, 'T' = retransmission, and 'W' = zero window)
>     the count is repeated on the 10th/100th/1000th/etc. occurrence.  So a
>     history value of 'ttt' means that the responder sent somewhere between
>     100 and 999 retransmissions.  This is useful because for large
>     connections, a single checksum error, retransmission, or zero window
>     is much less significant for analyzing performance issues than a whole
>     bunch of these.

Here we will not have cases where some repetitions are logarithmic, and
some (like for R) are not. I guess that makes sense, but I can see it
potentially being confusing.


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