[Bro-Dev] $history extensions - zero windows, logarithmic counts

Vern Paxson vern at corelight.com
Fri Jun 15 14:54:31 PDT 2018

> it unclear on the logarithmic
> counts. Take, for instance SaDtTtT. If I'm reading this correctly, I think
> that means 10-99 retransmissions from orig, followed by 10-99 from resp,
> then more retransmissions from orig (enough to reach a total of 100-999),
> and similarly more from resp.

Correct in principle.  (1) These would be 1-9 followed by enough to
get to 10-99, since a single retransmission is already a 't' / 'T', and
(2) lower letters are responders rther than originators.

> However, I could also interpret it as 10-99
> from orig, 10-99 from resp, 10-99 from orig, 10-99 from resp.

Nope.  The counter doesn't reset at any point, it's cumulative.

> Another question I had was that most of these are TCP-specific. Would
> checksum apply to UDP as well?

Right, it would apply to UDP too, just like is done presently for
the boolean indicator.

> As you say, if what I care about is the overall
> number compared to the number of packets, that feels more like a
> percentage.

Well, I think this is yes-and-no.  For one, the overall percentage might
be quite small and still have a large impact on what's supposed to be a
high-speed transfer - particularly if it means that a connection entered
an extented timeout-and-back-off - so I don't know if there would be a
natural point of inspection for it.  (It could also quite large but no big
deal because the connection is a runt.)

> To me, it'd seem more natural to use something like "0t" means
> "of the total number of packets from the originator, 0-9% were
> retransmissions," "1t" means 10-19%, etc.

I'm inclined to wait on refinements like this.  Let's first see whether
having log-counter-style histories leaves people wanting more before
qualitatively changing the nature of the history field, or adding new

> Maybe we add the
> new letters, but don't repeat them and also add new fields for exact
> bytecounts?

I'm not following this.  If we add new letters that don't repeat *and* we
add new fields, why do we need the letters given that the fields are there?


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