[Bro-Dev] DHCP event removal

Seth Hall seth at corelight.com
Tue Jun 19 10:55:47 PDT 2018

On 18 Jun 2018, at 15:09, Alan Commike wrote:

> With the default TSV, any change can break export into the various 
> back-end log stores and SIEMs. When adding new fields, it would be 
> nice to see them added to the end of the Info structure. 

This was a complete rework on the logs and scripts so the structure is 
completely different.  Unfortunately it wasn't just one of the cases 
where a field or two was added.

I don't think that assuming the order of fields is ever a safe 
assumption.  It's why we shipped a version of bro-cut with Bro 2.0.  We 
wanted to encourage people to refer to fields by the field name rather 
than the ordinal position of the field.


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