[Bro-Dev] Moving to GitHub?

Slagell, Adam J slagell at illinois.edu
Tue May 15 17:43:14 PDT 2018

I am in favor. I would like to still maintain the the Jira and wiki for a couple months until we finish up some work. Really just the BPM tickets. 

> On May 15, 2018, at 7:19 PM, Robin Sommer <robin at icir.org> wrote:
> This has been coming up in various contexts & subgroups of people, and
> I wanted to send it out as a proposal to gather some broader feedback:
> Do we want to move Bro's git repositories and tickets to GitHub?
> Currently we're hosting our Git repositories on our own server at
> git.bro.org; from there, we mirror them to GitHub. For issue tracking,
> we use JIRA at tracker.bro.org. Much of all this is a legacy setup in
> some sense. I believe it would simplify life for both users &
> developers if we moved to GitHub as the authoratative place for both
> code and tickets.
> More specifically, I propose that we:
>     1. Turn the current git repository mirrors on github.com/bro into
>        authoritative source for all Bro code. Then we discontinue
>        git.bro.org. We can set up up some notification system there
>        instead that points people still using the old URLs to GitHub.
>     2. Switch to using GitHub as our primary issue tracker. Giving
>        the large amount of old tickets in JIRA, I think we should
>        just start from scratch there, porting over just the most
>        recent pending tickets. We'd keep the JIRA running in
>        read-only mode so that we don't loose the history and can
>        always refer back to old tickets.
>     3. Switch to a mostly PR-based development model (i.e., no more
>        merge requests tracked separately through tickets), and also
>        use GitHub for code review & feedback.
>     4. Make sure it all integrates nicely with Travis CI (which has
>        already been set up recently).
> About the only downside I see is that emailing out our standard commit
> notifications won't be quite as smooth anymore: we'd still get them,
> but with a bit of delay as some system would need to be polling for
> changes, rather than being triggered immediately. Not much of a
> problem I think (and with some additional work, we could make them
> push-triggered, too; but probably not worth it).
> What do people think? Any support, or concerns?
> Robin
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