[Bro-Dev] Include C++ header file in plugin function

Dane Wullen dane.wullen at alumni.fh-aachen.de
Fri May 18 10:59:41 PDT 2018

Hi there,

I want to write a function as a plugin to convert a 4 byte hex string 
like "405f612f" to float/double (3.49031 in this case).

An easy way to do so in C++ is this:


union  ulf
     unsigned  long  ul;
     float  f;

int  main()
     ulf u;
     string str ="405f612f";
     stringstream ss(str);
     ss >> hex >> u.ul;
     float  f = u.f;
     cout << f << endl;

Unfortunatly, to use "stringstream" I will have to include the <sstream> 
header file. Is this possible to do in plugin functions?



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