[Bro-Dev] Config Framework Feedback

Hosom, Stephen M hosom at battelle.org
Tue Oct 30 11:09:21 PDT 2018

I bumped into a limitation that was a little frustrating to work around with the config framework.

It is inconvenient that values stored in files read by adding to Config::config_files are not available within the bro_init event. After reviewing how the Config framework works, I understand why this is the case, but it means that if you want to use configuration values on startup, you're not guaranteed to be working with the anticipated value.

I think the introduction of an event that ensures that configuration files have been read by the time that the event fires might be worthwhile. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how to resolve/work-around this issue.




module Known;

redef Config::config_files += {"Known.dat"};

export {
    option KnownServers: set[addr] = set();

event bro_init() {
        print KnownServers;

event bro_done() {
        print KnownServers;

======= output =======

bro -r stream-1.pcap ./try-config.bro







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