[Bro-Dev] Module prefix in sending and receiving Broker events

Matthias Vallentin vallentin at icir.org
Thu Sep 13 02:28:18 PDT 2018

>  Does the
> suggestion [1] to always explicitly scope events by their
> namespace/module address your problem?

That's what I thought would work, but it's the opposite: when I add
the module name as prefix, Bro silently ignores the event. I found a
surprising solution though: if I declare the event first, then it
works. Here's an example:

    module Foo;
    global foo: event();
    event foo() { ... }

This works as expected: when I create an event with name Foo::foo, the
handler gets dispatched. Without the declaration, it doesn't work.

As mentioned in your reference [1], explicit module qualification works as well:

    event Foo::foo() { ... }

I'm essentially running into the inverse of BIT-71, the ticket you referenced.


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