[Zeek-Dev] maybe migrating Zeek CI from Travis to Cirrus

Jon Siwek jsiwek at corelight.com
Mon Dec 9 14:44:58 PST 2019

I experimented last week moving the CI config to Cirrus and found
several benefits to making that switch.  Example build in my Zeek


Notable differences from the Travis config:

* Free for open-source projects, can allocate up to 8 cpus (we get 2
cpus on Travis)

* Concurrent tasks up to 8 Linux, 2 FreeBSD, and 1 macOS (Travis is 8
total, doesn't offer FreeBSD, and we haven't configured it for macOS).
This is also limited per _user_ not per repo, so misc. PRs will no
longer backup the CI queue like they do on Travis.  E.g. to quote
docs: "For example, if you have 10 active contributors to a repository
then you can end up with 130 tasks running in parallel for the

* I've set up pre-built Dockerfiles for all Linux systems to make it
faster to get those up and running rather than wait to download
dependencies every time (and potentially encounter transient network
issues as we see sometimes on Travis).  This also makes it just as
easy as Travis to reproduce the CI environment locally (Travis also
used docker, but didn't organize things as standard Dockerfiles)

* I've set the external pcap files (~850mb) to get cached after the
first successful build (or auto-reuploaded if they ever change later)
and downloading from the cache takes around 1 minute rather than
sometimes 15-20 on Travis

* The above differences amount to getting CI results in about 12-30
minutes (macOS and memleak task are still a bit slow) rather than
50-60 minutes on Travis.

So my idea going forward (let me know if there's other thoughts):

I'll set up the main Zeek GitHub organization/repo to use Cirrus in
parallel with existing Travis CI.  If it performs well for several
months, we can think about completely migrating off Travis.  Don't
necessarily need to move other projects to it, but might anyway in
spare time.  Also definitely would need to move the Coverity Scan cron
somewhere else.  IMO, this doesn't fit in with the CI config, it just
needs to run regularly somewhere, so GitHub Actions may be a good fit
for that.

Other caveats:

* I haven't configured Cirrus to access the external private test
suite.  IMO, we might just stop using that, since it's awkward for an
open-source project: we don't give access to private pcaps from
arbitrary PRs that trigger CI, but then what happens if the merger
finds failures in the private test suite (or forget to run it before
merging) ?  Either need to give access to the private pcaps or else
the core team basically becomes responsible (and I can imagine some
new features/PRs being non-trivial to hunt down diffs ourselves).

* Haven't figured out how to configure email notifications on Cirrus
CI failures, but can figure that out once it's up and running.

- Jon

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