[Zeek-Dev] adding credits to the schema for package metadata

Vern Paxson vern at corelight.com
Thu Jan 3 15:03:38 PST 2019

A few months ago at (what was then called) BroCon, in the Community Session
I put up a list of newly contributed packages along with my best guess as
to authorship / whom to credit for the contribution.  A couple of contributors
came up to me afterwards to discuss adjusting how they were credited; and,
more generally, the notion of adding an explicit "credits" field to the
info associated with a package.

This could look like:

	credit = Originally written by A. Sacker <ace at sacker.com>.  JSON
	    support added by W00ter (Acme Corporation).

As suggested by the example, the field would be free-form.  Here, the
original author decided to include their email address, and the additional
contributor their company affiliation.

We wouldn't have any apriori rules about who can update the "credit" field,
but rather rely on the community to do that reasonably (and I imagine go
back to the original contributor if a dispute arose).

How does that sound?


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