[Zeek-Dev] Do we still need pysubnettree?

Vlad Grigorescu vlad at es.net
Mon Oct 14 08:24:20 PDT 2019

>From what I can tell, trace-summary and zeekctl are the only things
that use pysubnettree. pytricia seems to have become the de-facto
module that's used for these structures in Python:

In fact, pytricia has a comparison section where it claim that it's
faster (albeit only slightly) than pysubnettree.

Does it still make sense to maintain pysubnettree? pytricia's
interface looks very similar. A quick glance at how we're using
pysubnettree makes me think that pytricia could just be a drop-in
replacement. Are there build/packaging considerations? It looks like
pytricia is LGPL licensed.

On the flip side, I don't see many recent updates on pytricia.
Although, it's straightforward enough, perhaps it doesn't need

Curious to hear thoughts.


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