[Zeek-Dev] [EXT] Zeek DCE-RPC Analyzer Update

Gabriele Pippi g.pippi at certego.net
Mon Sep 23 03:19:13 PDT 2019

Hi Mark,

I have already analyzed your project and I thank you for the excellent work.

The reasons why we are looking for something more are these:

1. Currently analyzing the new techniques with DCOM we have noticed that
neither the endpoints nor the operations have been included in the project.
2. We have also noticed in the observed cases that the data stub is
encrypted using ntlmssp authlevel packet privacy, this happened in the
cases where dcerpc passed over pure  through a specific rule on the local
windows firewall. However this does not happen neither for the observed
cases of DCOM (*authlevel packet integrity*), nor for the classic code
execution dcerpc traffic passed through named pipes (atsvc, svcctl, winreg
, [...]) (*authlevel connect*), which are the easiest techniques to exploit
with basic AD configuration. This type of traffic is legitimate and widely
used in our networks, the content of the stub data in cleartext would help
us both to filter the normal uses from the malicious ones and to greatly
increase the quality of our analyzes.



Il giorno ven 20 set 2019 alle ore 13:19 Fernandez, Mark I <
mfernandez at mitre.org> ha scritto:

> Hi Gabriele,
> Last year I did a deep-dive into the Zeek DCE-RPC protocol analyzer.  I
> found the same un-used binpac file *endpoint-atsvc.pac,* and I had
> similar thoughts about developing analyzers for specific RPC data stubs.
> Unfortunately, so many RPC data stubs are encrypted by default now.  Also,
> I realized I was able to make useful decisions from just knowing the RPC
> interface and method and then mapping that function to a threat model.
> Please see the github repository at the URL below.  Also, I am giving a
> talk on it at ZeekWeek next month.
> https://github.com/mitre-attack/bzar
> Thanks,
> Mark
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> Zeek-Dev Group,
> hi i'm Gabriele from purple team of Certego. We are trying to rely on zeek
> to increase the detection of our platform in the *moving through the
> internal network sc*enario ( *credential access*, * discovery* and
> specially *lateral movement* ATT&CK Matrix phases).
> In the case of dcerpc for the moment we are correlating the information
> generated by *bro_dce_rpc *parser with data coming from endpoint agents.
> In order to reduce the number of false positives and to gather more
> detailed information for a possible analysis, we thought it would be really
> interesting "to get extensive parsing in place for DCE-RPC messages by
> parsing the IDL files [...]" or to implement a "byte string containing the
> stub data itself" in case it is not encrypted. In our case we would like to
> give priority to all those operations that allow to directly carry out an
> entire attack or a code execution, restricting the scope to those with stub
> data in cleartext (for example in the case of dcerpc over smb named_pipe or
> in the case of dcom, at least for the operations observed until now ). I
> found the following BINPAC
> *zeek/src/analyzer/protocol/dce-rpc/endpoint-atsvc.pac*, and I ended up
> to this discussion
> https://bro-dev.bro-ids.narkive.com/jq0Ofe6L/bro-dce-rpc-analyzer-questions
> .
> *Have there been any updates regarding this topic? Do you have any advice
> on how to proceed?*
> Once we have assessed the feasibility, we could be willing to contribute
> to achieve this goal. In this work we would also like to insert a series of
> endpoints and operations that currently are not mapped by zeek, among those
> observed for example there are several in DCOM. Once the tests are
> completed, if you are interested, we could also provide you with an
> exhaustive list or integrate it directly with a possible merge.
> At the moment we do not know of the existence of technologies that allow
> to do alerting on some types of *Windows APIs*, we therefore believe that
> being able to do it at the network level through DCERPC is an important
> added value to zeek.
> Thanks,
> Gabriele.

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