[Zeek-Dev] Zeek Supervisor Command-Line Client

Jon Siwek jsiwek at corelight.com
Fri Jun 19 11:46:14 PDT 2020

On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 1:38 AM Robin Sommer <robin at corelight.com> wrote:

> think we also want their state controllable from the client as well,
> so that one can have an orderly shutdown of a multi-system cluster
> without loss of data (e.g., one probably wants to shutdown workers
> first to collect remaining log data). This what I meant above by
> "shutdown the cluster processes": "zeek-client stop" would tell the
> supervisors to shutdown their node processes (or rather: "zeek-client
> stop workers", or maybe "zeek-client" would now the order in which to
> stop nodes or systems).

Ack, got it and agree that the distinction is likely helpful: the
supervisor node implements the low-level "dirty work" of stopping
processes and can ensure shutdown of its entire process tree if it
really has to, but the client can carry out shutdown logic with a
higher-level of insight into directing a shutdown process (possibly
across many hosts) in orderly fashion.

Also, based on "naming" feedback: plan to use `zeekc`.

- Jon

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