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Wang Shaofu wsffree at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 6 06:15:42 PDT 2002

> > in main(...):add some code like
> >                            Func * wsf;
> >                            wsf=internal_func("wsf");
> >
> > in bro.init:add a line as
> >                            global wsf: event (msg: string);
> > in login.bro: add a event as
> >                            event wsf (msg: string)
> >                                 {
> >                                  print msg;
> >                                  }
> > And when I invoke bro : ./bro -i eth0 login.bro , bro does not work , 
> > the error information :
> >               lin1: internal error: internal variable wsf missing
> >               Aborted .
> > Did I get the right way of creating and using event handle?
>That's the correct way.  Perhaps you're running into search-path problems,
>in which the old version of bro.init is being found rather than the new
>version you created.  (Not the problem, of course, if you edited bro.init
>in place rather than creating a new one.)  The way to debug this is to
>check the access time on the modified bro.init using "ls -lu" in order
>to see whether it's indeed being read in.  If it is, the next thing to
>do is to introduce a syntax error in the definition of wsf to see whether
>the line is indeed being parsed.

Thanks for your help.:)
The access time on the modified bro.init before running bro is the same to 
the time after running  bro. What shoul I do to make the bro read the 

Have a nice day

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