new Bro release available - 0.8a1

Vern Paxson vern at
Sat Sep 21 22:22:37 PDT 2002

A new Bro alpha release is now available from:

This is a "bleeding edge" release with a number of changes (appended).
The current stable release remains 0.7a175b, available from:

- Vern


0.8a1 Sat Sep 21 22:09:23 PDT 2002

- IPv6 support enabled if you build using -DBROv6.  Deficiencies: Bro
  doesn't yet look up hostnames for AAAA records; no handling of extension
  headers (if you have traces of these, please send them to me!); no
  handling of FTP PORT/PASV w/ IPv6 addresses (again, if you have traces,
  please send them!); DNS analyzer doesn't understand AAAA yet (again,
  please send me traces!); you have to change the capture_filter line
  in tcp.bro (as indicated in the script) in order to process TCP traffic,
  due to deficiencies in libpcap's support for IPv6.

- Bro is migrating towards a more structured way of handling log messages /
  alerts.  Analyzers now @load alert.bro, which has a function ALERT()
  for processing alerts.  Soon this function will provide a variety of
  filtering/processing hooks; expect changes.

- Bro now has an HTTP response analyzer (contributed by Ruoming Pang).
  The HTTP policy scripts have been split up into http.bro (just general
  definitions), http-request.bro (handles requests; loaded by http.bro),
  http-reply.bro (handles replies; you need to explicitly load this), and
  http-detail.bro (handles individual headers).  http-reply.bro will be
  undergoing some significant reworking in the near future; probably the
  scripts will be merged back into a single http.bro plus http-detail.bro.

- ssl-worm.bro contains a prototype policy script for detecting the
  Scalper SSL worm (contributed by Robin Sommer).  It uses the signature
  file sig.ex.ssl-worm.bro.  If someone has traces of Scalper in action
  to send us, that would be great.

- A new policy script, contents.bro, extracts the contents of each
  Bro connection into its own pair of files (one file for each
  direction).  Use in conjunction with -f or discarder_XXX() to
  extract specific connections.

- A new built-in function, strcmp(), returns the usual comparison between
  two strings (contributed by Robin Sommer).

- A new event, content_gap(), is generated when Bro detects that it is
  forced to skip over data in a reconstructed TCP stream because it is
  missing from the packet input.

- BIND8 is no longer included with the distribution.  If this causes you
  problems, let me know.

- aux/scripts/bro_logchk is a Perl script for parsing Bro HTTP & FTP logs
  (contributed by Jim Barlow).

- You can now compare addresses to see which is larger.  a < b means
  that in network order, the octets making up 'a' are ordered before
  those for 'b'.  E.g., < <  Note that
  IPv4 addresses are all < IPv6 addresses (other than IPv4 addresses
  that are embedded in IPv6 addresses, e.g., :: <

- Serious bug in TCP option handling fixed.

- Some bugs in CRLF handling fixed (courtesy Ruoming Pang).

- Bug in the implementation of &optional fixed.

- Bug in computing memory statistics when not reading packets (from
  an interface or the trace file) fixed.

- You can now include a trailing comma after the last item in an
  "enum" enumeration list.

- port-name.bro now maps 389/tcp to "ldap".

- A bug has been fixed in loading files multiple times

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