[Bro] conn.bro

Mike Muratet mike.muratet at torchtechnologies.com
Wed Aug 3 08:06:35 PDT 2005


I have been doing some experiments with broccoli (thanks again, Christian) 
and I'm trying to understand the differences between what I see in real time 
from broccoli vis a vis some earlier work I did using bro -r a_tcpdump_file 
conn.bro. Looking at the conn.bro policy, it looks like it records a 
connection record for the events connection_attempt, _partial_close, 
_finished, _half_finished, _rejected, and _reset, using 
record_connection(connection_record, string). The string  parameter denotes 
the type of event, but this does not get printed. It does record a state as 
part of the connection record which gives you an idea of what the event was 
all about. Is my interpretation correct?



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