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Robin Sommer robin at icir.org
Tue Sep 8 13:26:03 PDT 2009

Just a reminder that it's still possible to register for the
upcoming Bro workshop. See the workshop's web page for more



On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 10:30 -0700, I wrote:

> Bro Workshop 2009, the 2nd.
> ===========================
> The Bro team and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab are pleased to
> announce a further "Bro Workshop", a 2.5-day Bro training event that
> will take place in Berkeley, CA, on October 13-15, 2009.
> The workshop is primarily targeted at site security personnel
> wishing to learn more about how Bro works, how to use its scripting
> language and how to generally customize the system based on a site's
> local policy. 
> Similar to previous workshops, the agenda will be an informal mix of
> tutorial-style presentations and hands-on lab sessions. No prior
> knowledge about using Bro is assumed though attendees should be
> familiar with Unix shell usage as well as with typical networking
> tools like tcpdump and Wireshark. 
> All participants are expected to bring a Unix-based (Linux, Mac OS X, 
> FreeBSD) laptop with a working Bro configuration. We will provide
> sample trace files to work with.
> This workshop will again be hosted by the Lawrence Berkeley National
> Lab, and it will be located at the Hotel Durant in Berkeley. We will
> soon provide a web site with more detailed registration and location
> information. To facilitate a productive lab environment, the number
> of attendees will be limited to 30 people. A registration fee of
> $125 will be charged.
> We also expect to have time for 2-3 case-study presentations from
> people using Bro in their environments. If you have something you
> would like to talk about, please send me a mail. 
> Looking forward to a great workshop,
> Robin

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