[Bro] Log file issues

Aaron Haycraft aaronhaycraft1 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 09:44:10 PDT 2015

Good afternoon everyone,

My name is Aaron Haycraft. I am attempting to work with Bro for a project
and I am having some
issues. I am running Bro from the command line on a Fedora machine, and I
want to run a lot of PCAP files through it. For example, the lines of
code I run are "bro -r test.pcap" and "bro -r test2.pcap", and so on.
However, when I do so, the logs seem to overwrite after awhile and I lose a
lot of data. I know that when Bro runs, it stores the logs in the local
directory, but after the log gets full, it goes somewhere that I don't
know. Is there anyway to get around this, such that everything goes into
one big log file?

Thank you for your time,

Aaron H.
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