[Bro] Implementing new layer 2 Protocol

j2om1350 at unibw.de j2om1350 at unibw.de
Mon Aug 31 00:20:44 PDT 2015

Hi all,

My goal is to integrate a new protocol analyzer in Bro. This protocol
(PROFINET dyscovery and Basic Configuration Protocol) is working on layer
2. My question is, are there special considerations to get at the data of
the layer 2? My colleague has tried creating an analyzer by following your
instructions for coding an analyzer by binpac. Before he went on vacation,
he told me, he could access data with binpac of layer 3 but not of layer
2? Is that correct? If so does it work with the new binpac ++? Any pieces
of advice or suggestions how to get started would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Marcel Odenwald

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