[Bro] broctl install failed: host key verification failed

Daniel Thayer dnthayer at illinois.edu
Mon Jul 6 10:20:56 PDT 2015

The error message indicates that broctl is trying to ssh to some
machine, which can only happen when it thinks one of the hosts in
etc/node.cfg is not the local machine.  This should not happen
in your case, because you're using just one machine.

Check your etc/node.cfg and make sure the interface and
host are correct.  For example, I would expect it should look
something like this:


On 07/06/2015 10:45 AM, Thomas wrote:
> unfortunately it doesn’t work.
> It’s a single host machine, no cluster. ssh does work correctly, and
> broctl -> install fails again when launched into an SSH Session from a
> remote machine to my single host bro node. Neither a make clean &&
> ./configure && make && make install solves the problem, nor a broctl ->
> deploy.
> Same error appears each time:
> Host key verification failed.
> Error: cannot create (some of the) directories
> /usr/local/bro,/usr/local/bro/logs,/usr/local/bro/spool,/usr/local/bro/spool/tmp
> on node bro
> Of course the above mentioned directories does exist and have the
> correct permissions even for root.
> I could install Bro on two other servers without any problems, but
> cannot see any difference for the basic installation process, which was
> of course absolut identical on all servers, except this error message on
> 2 of 4 machines. ;-(
> Any idea is welcome.
> Thomas

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