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M P mpselab at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 09:19:35 PDT 2015

I have finished preparing a multi-node cluster of Bro and the setup was
enjoyable to say the least. Now I am stuck at getting the manager to
provision the nodes with an error stating that it cannot create some of the
directories on the nodes: permission denied.

The error message is pretty clear, however I am not able to find the "best
practice" solution for it.

What I did was:
1. Create the bro user on both manager and nodes.
2. Gegenrate the ssh key as the user bro on the manager and copy the public
key to the nodes.
3. SSH as the user bro works without password.
4. May be not necessary but I added the bro user to the sudors visduo and
granted it everything a root can do.

I attempted to create a test folder where Bro is attempting to create its
directories on a node, and that failed with permissions denied as expected
from the Bro error message.

My options (I think) are:
1. Setup Bro as root, which I am trying to avoid in the first place.
2. Setup Bro with root initially and then change ownership of directories
to the bro users. This does not seem to the right way to do though.
3. Elevate the permissions of the user Bro to have more privileges. Again,
not sure if this is the right way.

You may get this question a lot, but any help or pointers are appreciated.

Thank you for reading so far.
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