[Bro] Endace card native support for Bro

Donaldson, John donaldson8 at llnl.gov
Thu Jul 23 08:31:59 PDT 2015

We¹re using DAG cards with Bro without a problem (albeit without direct
integration between Bro and the card¹s API). Once you set up your streams
on the card, you just have to set up Bro workers on dag0:0, dag0:2, etc.


John Donaldson

On 7/23/15, 8:07 AM, "bro-bounces at bro.org on behalf of Robin Sommer"
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>It's not supported anymore. We used to have native support for Endace
>cards but it hadn't been maintained for a while and was thus removed.
>Thst said, it shouldn't be that hard to add it back now through an
>external plugin (plugins are in Bro 2.4). It would just take somebody
>familiar with the API.
>On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 14:12 +0000, MILLER, BRAD L wrote:
>> Hello-
>> I am making some new monitoring systems based mostly on Bro, and my
>>company has purchased 10G Endace cards to make things pretty awesome.
>>That said, I am finding some indications that Bro can support the Endace
>>card API directly if you compile with
>>³--with-DAG=/path/to/dagtool/installation² but this seemed to be
>>experimental long ago, and rumors circulated of it being dropped at some
>>point.  I can¹t seem to find any indication in the official docs about
>>retained or dropped support native Endace card support.  The official
>>changelog only cites the introduction of experimental support long ago.
>> Can I have confirmation that this is still supported?  Is stable?  Is
>>going to be retained as far as anyone knows?  I am using Bro 2.3.x on
>>RHEL x64.
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