[Bro] Several protosig questions

James Lay jlay at slave-tothe-box.net
Sat Oct 15 09:48:09 PDT 2016

Wow...so here's my sig:

signature protosig_ntp_apple {
  dst-ip ==
  ip-proto == udp
  dst-port == 123
  payload /.*\x00/
  payload-size == 48
  eval ProtoSig::match

First, IP is -> udp port 123.

Issue #1:  CIDR doesn't appear to work..with the above dst-ip entry
this fails to identify ntp_apple, commenting out the dst-ip the line
Issue #2:  Payload-size; of interest, if you don't set a payload entry,
then setting payload-size with ">" and "==" won't match, but ANY number
with "<" fired off. Ironically I could set payload-size < 1 and this
would fire.

this is using latest beta.  Thank you.

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