[Bro] Packet loss

John Edwards jedwards2728 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 23:39:07 PDT 2016

Hi all

I have just deployed bro onto two systems on my border gateway. They sit
off a tap and each system has individual Rx and Tx interfaces bridged using
brctl. I am not seeing any interface dropped packets or errors from the
Ubuntu host via ifconfig.

When looking at my data within bro that monitors a standalone configuration
of br0 has the below line repeated a few times throughout the notice.log

1477283201.681213       -       -       -       -       -       -       -
     -       -       PacketFilter::Dropped_Packets   2739608 packets
dropped after filtering, 12351460 received, 12351686 on link    -       -
     -       -       -       bro     Notice::ACTION_LOG3600.000000   F
 -       -       -       -       -
We seem to be getting lots of data and as far as CPU and memory resource
consumption goes it's not under strenuous load. I haven't changed too much
of the configuration of the 2.4.1 build.

Sorry if this has been discussed or asked before but what can I look at
optimising or tuning to reduce the packet loss?

One thread I found wasn't bros issue but the tap and an upgrade of the
software fixed it. I cannot do this as it's without software to tune. It's
a vss active 1gb tap, doesn't seem to be the tap at this stage but it quite
possibly could be :)

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