[Bro] Tracking PCAP file sources?

Hoelzer, Dave DHoelzer at sans.org
Fri Oct 28 06:12:53 PDT 2016

Not really.  :)  Are the pcaps all contemporaneous or are they sequential?  If they’re sequential you could potentially use the timestamp.

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On Oct 28, 2016, at 8:57 AM, David Vessey <jdvessey at gmail.com<mailto:jdvessey at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi there,

I've tried to find this in the docs and even tried exploring source code.

This use case is more around after the fact network forensics, when working with PCAP files.

If I have a bunch of pcaps, and I run bro like:

$ bro -r input1.pcap -r input2.pcap -r input3.pcap

Is there some way to associate bro's connection IDs back to contributing pcap(s)?

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